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Fees and Registration


To secure a booking, a one-off registration fee of £35 is payable.  This payment is non-refundable should you decide to cancel the reservation.  A copy of your child’s birth certificate must be provided.
A 10% discount is available to parents who have more than one child in nursery and we offer short familiarisation visits prior to your child starting, allowing them to become familiar with the staff and the environment.

We require FOUR weeks notice, in writing, if you wish to take your child out of nursery or wish to change your child’s placement (subject to availability).  The four week notice period commences on a Monday as per our normal working week.

Payment of Fees

An invoice will be issued detailing the amount due for the forthcoming month and payment due date.  Fees are always paid monthly in advance.  Should payment not be received by the due date, the placement will be terminated with immediate effect.  Please note - you will not be charged for the public holidays that the nursery closes.  Fees remain fully payable in the event of child absence.

Fees as from August 2010
                    Full Time     Daily     1 x AM     5 x AM     1 x PM     5 x PM                                              0-2 years       £170.00    £37.00    £20.00       £90.00     £19.00      £85.00
2-3 years       £150.00    £33.00    £19.00       £85.00     £18.00      £80.00
3-5 years       £140.00    £31.00    £18.00       £80.00     £17.00      £75.00

Fees are subject to an annual increase every August and are subject to change throughout the year.

Daisies Kindergarten operates in partnership with Dundee City Council, pre-school education for most 3 and 4 year old children, for either morning or afternoon sessions.  Each session lasts 2.5 hours.  The annual grant funding is deducted as per the Funding Terms Form (this will be provided for you when your child is eligible).