Home Curriculum


For babies we offer a stimulating daily routine to compliment their ever changing development.  Activities are designed to stimulate and entertain and are varied daily. In addition to the above we follow the 'Birth to Three' framework as provided by the Care Commission. The nursery has a large amount of double buggies, allowing the children to go out daily for walks and visits to the local area.



For children aged 2-3 we offer a daily programme in line with the developmental stage of your child. This includes activities such as stories, physical play and group time, as well as time for free play (children are encouraged to select their own activities from a range including water and messy play, art, house corner and various toys) helping to enhance your child's self-esteem and confidence.  Children are taken for walks on a daily basis (details of trips and outings are displayed in the nursery foyer).  In addition to the above we follow the 'Birth to Three' framework as provided by the Care Commission.

Key Workers play a vital role in your child's development and will liase with parents/carers regularly.  Your child's key worker will discuss with the parent/carer and jointly agree when toilet training will begin, allowing the nursery and home environment to work together, and make it as consistent as possible for your child.  Regular assessments of your child's development are recorded, enabling us to provide parents/carers with a development report twice yearly.                                                                                                   








For children aged 3-5 years, we are in partnership with Dundee City Council, and follow the Curriculum for Excellence for all children.  The daily programme offers an extensive range of activities which is complimented through 'Children's Choice' as well as structured play. Group Time is provided as part of the daily programme, allowing children to interact in small group activities with their key workers and peers.  The children are out daily for walks in the local area.   Daisies Kindergarten uses the 'Walkodile' system when children are on short trips or going for a walk.  The Walkodiles keep children safer by linking them securely to a flexible spine.  Staff have greater control and children are unable to move away from the group.  The group are also more visible to other road users, and children love going for a walk with Walkodile. 

As in the 2-3's area, Key Workers play a vital role in the development of the children, and will liaise with parents/carers regularly. Regular assessments of the children are recorded, enabling Daisies Kindergarten to provide a development report twice yearly, which can then be discussed at subsequent Parents Evenings.